As sustainable as possible

February 22, 2021

As Sustainable As Possible (ASAP) is a European based, National Olympic Committees’ (NOCs) mentorship and development programme on sustainability matters. Building bridges among organisations, the programme which started in 2020 and will span over a three-year period, is aimed to guide mentees into the creation of integrated sustainability strategies while giving mentors the chance to refine their own.

The ASAP consortium is comprised of six NOCs who will collaborate on a mentorship relationship. The German Olympic Sports Confederation, the National Olympic Committee and Sport Confederation of Denmark and the Finnish Olympic Committee serve as mentors to the Slovak Olympic and Sport Committee, the Hungarian Olympic Committee and the Czech Olympic Committee, who also serves as the coordinator for this project. The programme is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, supported by the IOC and is in close cooperation with the European NOC Sustainability Working group that gathers 12 European entities.

The ASAP project was established in order to:

  • Build tangible collaborations between NOCs through mentoring.
  • Facilitate the path for mentees to create, adapt and implement integrated sustainability strategies in their organisations while mentors can further improve their operations through the sharing of knowledge.
  • Build leadership by exemplary sustainability action both in sports and the broader community

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