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American Samoa & Samoa Fencing develops, thanks to FIE donations

The fencing federations of American Samoa and Samoa, beneficiaries of the 2018 International Fencing Federation (FIE) Donate Your Fencing Gear! program, have actively been developing fencing in their region. As reported by the federations, using the FIE-donated equipment, they have increased numbers of overall fencers as well as enabled experienced athletes to participate in higher-level competitions. The gear received by the Samoan federations included a variety of donations in multiple sizes, including smaller items (that are harder to come by). This has given the federations the ability to offer fencing to younger children, giving them a head-start in becoming successful athletes. The donated equipment has effectively raised the overall safety standards of fencing gear being used in practice and competition.

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Case Studies

Good Net Project

The Good Net project is a team effort between FIVB and environmental groups, acting as one to remove Ghost Nets from the ocean and give them new life as volleyball nets.

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Case Studies

Donate your fencing gear – verona 2018

Focusing on the motto ‘Developing our New Federations’, the first edition of Donate Your Fencing Gear 2018 came to an end in Verona. As for the past editions, the fencers were given the option to choose the program they wanted to support with their donation, which was allocated according to their choice. In six months they will receive the first report about the progress of the project they adopted.

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Case Studies

Teqball in Zaatari Refugee Camp

International Teqball Federation and Peace and Sport

In April 2018, FITEQ signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Peace and Sport, an international, neutral and independent organisation based in Monaco that contributes to peace using the power of sport.

The MoU was signed in Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan, where Peace and Sport run the inspiring Live Together programme. Upon the signing of the MoU, both organisations confirmed their intention to join forces to promote teqball as a tool for social development and equality.

Two Teq tables were donated to the citizens of Zaatari Refugee Camp, which is Jordan’s fourth biggest city. Residents there had the opportunity to play on the tables and receive two days of training.

Click here to watch the video of the project

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World Rafting Championships 2011 – the first ever certified carbon neutral world sports event

International Rafting Federation (IRF)

The International Rafting Federation (IRF) delivered the first certified carbon neutral world sports event with their Costa Rica 2011 World Rafting Championships. Following is the success story - a model for future events.

Click here to watch the video describing event's sustainability (In Spanish, with English subtitles)

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