2022 FIM Sustainability Week – Letter from the President


May 13, 2022

This year marks an important milestone in the history of the FIM, as we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the foundation of our Ride Green Programme, which began in 1992, with a great group of professionals who were focused on preparing the roadmap for a sustainable future of our sport.

Three decades of impact in which for a long time we were totally isolated in the sports environment and in which only the Olympic Committee and some sports associations were clear about the fundamental role of sport in sustainable development.

If we started this project with the aim of defending our sport and reducing its impact, today three decades later, our vision is slight different:  Use our sport as an facilitator of sustainable development and contribute to the world agenda 2030.

Both in motorcycle sport and in tourism and mobility we are embedding sustainability by developing fundamental issues such as education for our FIM family, inclusion, energy transition, noise level reduction, climate change, awareness and all this aligned with the objectives of the sustainable development amongst others.

Currently our promoters are investing in sustainability and carbon neutrality strategies, and we increasingly realise the importance of this topic in all the interest groups of our great of our great family.

Our sponsors are progressively aware of the importance of sponsoring responsible products aligned with their strategies. We must offer safe, quality, and sustainable championships that enhance the brand of our sponsors.

We also have a large number of fans concerned about current issues such as climate change, pollution, noise who are looking for conscious and committed entertainment.

With these reflections I want to motivate you to join the actions for the planet and as the great community that we are, we join together to celebrate sustainable living during the FIM Sustainability Week, which will take place from 30 May, culminating with the International Environment Day celebrations on 5 June 2022.

With the theme of World Environment Day 2022 #OnlyOneEarth I wish you a great summer and a great season.

Jorge Viegas

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