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International Floorball Federation’s equipment support

International Floorball Federation (IFF)

In cooperation with its floorball material sponsor, UNIHOC, the IFF provides floorball equipment to countries where floorball is in its early stages, and also to existing IFF Member Associations based on a needs assessment. Equipment support comes in the form of sticks, balls, goalkeeper equipment and rinks.

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International Floorball Federation’s development programme

International Floorball Federation (IFF)

The IFF launched the Development Programme in 2005 in order to support and develop the organisation and the activities of the Member Associations. Any Member Association can apply for organising a seminar.

The IFF Floorball Development Seminar (FDS) is built on three different blocks: OrganisationCoaching, and Refereeing. Each block aims to give additional knowledge to the associations and assist them in planning and managing development in their country. The seminar is a three day event consisting of theoretical lectures, practical training sessions, group work, and hands-on training and observation. During the last years the seminars have mainly been carried out in coaching and refereeing blocks.

Here you can find the instructions and guidelines how to apply and how to organise a Floorball Development Seminar, as well as the next seminars.

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GOGIRLS! Floorball

International Floorball Federation

GoGirls! Floorball is the IFF project aimed at helping to increase and promote the participation of girls and women in floorball throughout the world.

he IFF aims to provide guidance on the different challenges faced by girls in obtaining access to participation in sport, and to help break down those barriers within the international floorball family.

The key factors for the project are :

  • Getting girls to play
  • Teaching girls to play
  • Keeping girls playing

The IFF, in conjunction with several of our Member Associations, has produced materials that can be used by individuals, clubs, local organisations or National Associations to help develop their girl's floorball programmes. In this section you can find a more detailed description as well as links to material for anyone to access.

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WAKO Women against cancer

World Association of Kickboxing Organisations

In 2019, the World Association of Kickboxing (WAKO) supported a campaign to sensibilise it's community about cancer, jarzmikand to support the Wako athlete Paulina Jarzmik.

A communication plan has been setup, and a dedicated merchandising campaign has been developped as well.

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Case Studies

Active Travel Case Study – Ghelamco Arena (KAA Gent, Belgium)

KAA Gent in Belgium were Jupiler Pro League Champions (football) for the 2014-15 season, and are based at the newly built Ghelamco Arena (20,000 capacity). The club developed a major mobility programme for supporters over the last three years, promoting: walking, cycling park and ride shuttle busses, regional bus routes for supporters, and, carpool parking spaces near to the stadium.

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Sustainability in professional football, a case study from the Bundesliga (German)

Football is the number one sport in Germany. Millions of fans follow the matches every weekend: live in the stadium, in front of the TV or in the summary in the evening. The clubs in the 1st Bundesliga have long since ceased to be sports clubs.Football not only moves people, but also enormous sums of euros. And this is precisely where the present imug study comes in : For a long time now, companies have been called upon to take on corporate social responsibility (CSR). This responsibility must also be faced by football clubs, which have long since ceased to operate as charitable associations and are now generating millions of euros. It is not only about sporting success on the pitch.

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Sustainability at VfL Wolfsburg (in German)

VfL Wolfsburg has traditionally had very close ties with society and, like traditional business enterprises, bears responsibility towards it (Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR). The association is aware of this responsibility for the effects of its actions on people and the environment and has therefore firmly anchored CSR in its self-image. Nationally and internationally, it wants to be perceived as a responsible player and thus take a leading position in professional football. Sustainability and CSR reporting is a central communication tool for the club. Its most important addressees include fans, employees, partners and sponsors of VfL and Volkswagen AG. It also addresses non-governmental organisations and interest groups as well as representatives of politics, science and research. Here is an overview of sustainability programme VfL Wolfsburg including report (2016) that was published in compliance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines

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Right Hub – Initiatives of the motorsport sector to face COVID-19

E-book, developed by Right Hub, with good practices of the motorsport sector about manufacturing, fundraising, donation, supplying devices of protection and services. This e-book is divided according to the different stakeholders involved: organizers, teams, racers, sponsors, suppliers, partners, racetracks and car and motorcycle companies engaged in racing.

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CIPS engages with protection against water species

In the aim of pursuing the objective of the sharks preservation, the project has set out different kind of activities. Sometimes, they concerned concrete actions of preservation that entailed the involvement and the cooperation of sport anglers and professional fishermen, other times they were however aimed at raising the big public’s awareness and sensibility regarding the importance of sharks in the aquatic ecosystems. The complex of actions raised by the project, which preview, among the others, training activities with seminars and workshops and the use of different kind of communication, like permanent and itinerant exhibitions and a web site, is devoted to preserve sharks and other cartilaginous species and to cancel from the collective imagination the idea of sharks as “men eater machines”, which was alimented by many books and commercial movies.

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Caught behind – Climate change, extreme heat and the boxing day test

The Australian Conservation Foundation and the Monash Climate Change Communication Research Hub conducted a research on the impact of extreme heat on Australian cricket, and the opportunities to take effective climate actions

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