FIS Rainforest Initiative

February 27, 2023

Shortly after the election of FIS President Johan Eliasch in 2021, FIS launched the Rainforest Initiative, setting FIS on the road to  becoming one of the first Climate Positive International Sports Federation. Below is more information about the FIS Rainforest Initiative and an overview of the methodology used to determine the Carbon Footprint of FIS.



The FIS Council manifesto has developed from the traditions of the Green Charter of the Mainau Island and its initiator, Count Lennart Bernadotte. For many decades this Charter has supported the protection of nature and the environment for the benefit of humankind. The 2020 manifesto was unanimously approved at the Spring 2020 FIS Council Meeting and has been forwarded for formal approval by the FIS Congress in 2020.


To help ensure that the FIS Vision and Mission can continue to be carried out for the benefit of both present and future generations of skiers and snowboarders, FIS fully commits to the following articles of this Manifesto:

1) Reduce the overall environmental and climate impact of FIS activities

FIS (and, by extension, its member associations) will develop a strategy to achieve climate neutrality for their own organisation and their events by 2030. FIS will work with international experts to generate a Climate Action Guidelines document, aiming at making snow sports climate neutral and sustainable.

FIS will actively advocates for the reduction of greenhouse-gas emissions through legislative and regulatory measures in all its member countries.

2) Educate for climate action

FIS will provide a forum for snow sports organisations to understand climate change issues in a global and regionally relevant context. FIS will collaboration with snow and climate experts and stakeholders of snow sports, to integrate expertise and experience into their strategy.

FIS engages in promoting the education of skiers and snowboarders of all ages worldwide about the dependence of winter sports on natural ecosystems, the potential impacts of climate change on their winter recreation experience, and how they can reduce their carbon footprint. In this endeavour, FIS will collaborate with and support educational programs of its member associations.

3) Promote sustainable and responsible consumption

FIS will work with national and regional snow sports associations and snow sports event organisers to promote sustainability. FIS will pursue sustainable procurement policies and motivate suppliers to develop more environmentally friendly products, including renewable energy based transportation, as transportation is one of the main greenhouse gas emission sources in snow sports.

For international competitions, FIS will establish guidelines that support local facility operators and competition organizers to meet the requirements set by FIS for environmental and climate protection.

4) Advocate for sustainability and climate action through communication

FIS will consistently and continuously promote public awareness of sustainability and climate change impacts on snow sports and mountain regions through all channels of communication available.

In all its activities, FIS will take care to align its own practice of environmental and climate protection with its communication messages.

5) Anchoring sustainability and climate neutrality in the FIS governance

To act on the principles and objectives outlined in this Manifesto, FIS will build a permanent independent working structure, aligned with the requirements of best-practice management objectives and anchored in the Council.

FIS encourages its member associations to adopt and commit to at least the same goals and measures that are stated in this Manifesto.

The core principles listed in the FIS Vision and Mission Statement are the motivation in all FIS endeavours and include:

  • to act responsibly and respectfully
  • to be professional
  • to cooperate with others
  • to apply ethical values
  • to communicate clearly and frequently
  • to look to the future

FIS will adhere to these core values as it implements this Manifesto, ensuring that the future of snow sports and the mountain communities can continue to thrive while facing the challenges of environmental and climate change.


FIS Green Event Manual (20.09.2018) – Download
FIS Mainau Manifesto 2020 (22.06.2020) – Download

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