ISF and VinylPlus Striving for Girls’ Leadership and Sustainability Through Sport and School

ISF (International School Sport Federation)

April 15, 2021

From the creation of the flagship Gender Equality event of the ISF, She Runs – Active Girls’ Lead came about the beginning of the partnership between ISF and VinylPlus®, the sustainability programme of the European PVC industry. The programme aims to apply internationally recognised sustainability principles together with high standards of the Circular Economy Action Plan of the European Commission. It is also registered as a SMART partnership on the United Nations Partnerships for Sustainable Development Goals Platform.

VinylPlus has extensive experience in promoting the sustainable use of PVC throughout its value chain, with a goal of expanding its reach to the wider public. As a widely used material, PVC has an essential part to play within sports. A strong, durable, reusable and recyclable material, PVC enables architectural innovation in sports stadiums from flooring to roofing and exterior screening and requires a minimal amount of maintenance. Sustainability as a topic is consistently recognised as an important value, particularly amongst younger generations. Forming a partnership with ISF presented an important opportunity to engage with an active youth audience and highlight the role of PVC in improving the sustainability performance of sporting events to a broader audience.

The inaugural ISF She Runs – Active Girls’ Lead event in 2019 saw the signing of an ‘Environmental Action’ between ISF and VinylPlus, a commitment to ensure PVC was used sustainably in the run-up to, during, and after the event. This included six commitments, from sourcing PVC in line with the VinylPlus sustainability programme, to ensuring the re-use and recycling of PVC products after the event.

ISF President Laurent Petrynka: “This partnership is an excellent opportunity to continue developing the educational aspect of ISF events, addressing our young participants on this important topic of sustainability, through sport. Furthermore, I strongly believe that the Environmental Action we signed with VinylPlus for She Runs will pave the way for ISF and its members to start minimising the ecological footprint of our events.

The ISF is delighted to continue this partnership with VinylPlus for the second edition of She Runs which will take place from 27 September to 2 October 2021, in the City of Brussels, within the framework of the European Week of Sport and supported by the Erasmus Plus sport programme of the European Comission. Gathering 3000 girls between the ages of 12-18 years old, from over 35 countries, participants will engage in sport, educational, cultural, entrepreneurial, and institutional activities. The event aims to promote engagement in physical activity, development of leadership skills and empowerment of girl students, all through school sport. It highlights the use of school sport as a tool for gender equality while creating and developing a network of young women leaders from schools.

For this second edition, the ISF and VinylPlus reinforced their collaboration to promote and educate young people and especially girls on global issues such as sustainable development and the importance to have a circular economy. This event will continue the work already started from the previous edition and the established Environmental Action, promoting the importance of sustainable sporting events.

Sustainable development is at the core of the VinylPlus programme and is an important topic for the young generation.” said Ms Brigitte Dero, VinylPlus Managing Director. At the same time, sports are becoming more and more innovative, creating new, sustainable solutions for materials, equipment and facilities. She Runs – Active Girls’ Lead represents a great opportunity for us to merge and build on these two trends.

Sustainability and gender equality lie at the heart of ISF, shown by these efforts to empower girls in and through sport. The topics of health, empowerment and leadership have always had a global level of importance throughout the world, particularly regarding sport and gender equality.

  • The Cultural Scavenger Hunt:
    500 participants will discover Brussels through a scavenger hunt combining elements and perspectives from the history of the city, of sport, and of symbolic women.
  • The Run & Village:
    2500 local girl students and 500 international participants from all over the world will run together to celebrate intercultural friendship and the benefits of sport for health.
  • The Talk:
    Four Sportswomen and women leaders will share their stories with the 700 young women and provide them with tools that enable them to make a difference in and through sport.
  • The Design Sprint:
    40 participants will design and shape projects to promote girls’ leadership and physical activity in their local community.
  • The Conference:
    200 leaders from international sport sectors, school networks, institutions, and city leaders, will attend a final conference on the role of school and sport to promote gender equality and girl’s empowerment. The participants will present to the conference the projects that were designed during the Design sprint activity of the event.

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