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The Homeless World Cup Foundation

The Homeless World Cup Foundation is a pioneering charity which uses football to inspire people who are homeless to change their own lives.

Their vision is for a world without homelessness.

Their mission is to use football to support and inspire people who are homeless to change their own lives; and to change perceptions and attitudes towards people who are experiencing homelessness.

The Homeless World Cup Foundation operates through a Network of Street Football Partners across 70+ countries to support grassroots football programmes. They provide a focus for—and celebration of—their year-round activity by organising and delivering an annual, world-class, international football tournament for national teams of men and women who are homeless.

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Ball to All

Ball To All is a non-profit organization located in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States, that was founded with a simple premise: keep kids playing – it will help them grow healthier, happier and at the same time, keep them out of trouble.

Ball to All mission is simple and captured in the slogan: Every Kid Can Have A Ball.

How Did Ball To All Start?

One day in early 2013, Ori Eisen, Founder of Ball to All asked Nikolas Mangu, one his colleagues who grew up in Kenya, what was the most fun thing to do when he was a kid? “Playing soccer, of course” he said. Soccer is the world’s most popular sport. Growing up with limited means in Kenya meant that kids had to improvise, and make soccer balls out of anything they could find.

In May of 2013, Nikolas was about to go back home to Kenya on his annual vacation. Ori Eisen asked him if he would do him a favor, and deliver five soccer balls to the same school he went to when he was a kid. He obliged and so began what grew to become Ball To All.

The rest is history and is depicted on our the Organisations website:

Location: - Scottsdale, Arizona, United States
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The Champ Camp

The Champ Camp, Jordan’s first Olympic Weightlifting school, aims to build inclusion and empower youth in the Palestinian Refugee Camp, Al-Baqa’. It provides an escape for the youth in that region to stay away from drugs, violence, and other consequences of poverty.

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