World’s first Green Caravan at La Vuelta

August 25, 2022

The traditional advertising caravan that precedes major cycling tours took on a unique character during the Dutch stages of La Vuelta 2022. La Vuelta Holanda was the very first cycling event in the world to organize a fully sustainable advertising caravan. Thereby it offered a unique alternative to the traditional advertising caravan during international cycling events.

The bicycle is part of the solution towards climate change. But professional cycling and the world’s largest cycling events are by no means sustainable. The sport is full of polluting habits. That discussion must be opened and solutions must be put forward.

Green Caravan

The advertising caravan is one of the most eye-catching elements of a major cycling event. No less than 75% of the visitors indicate that they are looking forward to the caravan as a warm-up before the cyclists’ arrival. Yet, a traditional parade of fossil fueled cars handing out millions of plastic gadgets doesn’t match with the sustainability goals of La Vuelta Holanda. Therefore we grabbed the opportunity to organize the advertising caravan in a different way.

“The bike is part of the solution, but pro cycling is part of the problem”

This green caravan rode ahead of the cycling peloton during the stages on 19, 20 and 21 August 2022 and consisted of 30 zero-emission vehicles (electric, hydrogen or solar-powered) with a clear sustainable message and handed out only sustainable gadgets to the public.

After every stage, the vehicles transformed into a sustainability festival square at the finish area. Here the fans could take a look at all the partners involved. Stepping into the world’s first solar driven car, trying on a cycling jersey made from waste, tasting vegetable pasta from rejected vegetables or signing a pledge to stop single use plastics.

Next step towards sustainable cycling

With the green caravan we have taken another step towards a more sustainable cycling community. We hope this will set a new standard for major cycling organizations and inspire them to push ahead on this important topic. During La Vuelta, the caravan was noticed by almost one million visitors along the road and created astonishing media attention with coverage on national television, online communities and newspapers both at home and abroad.

Sustainable Development Goals

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