WSF ZERO Partners gather in Innsbruck for he third in-person meeting

June 10, 2024

From May 27 – 29, 2024 POW Europe hosted the third in-person meeting for all 11 ZERO project partners in Innsbruck to discuss the status quo and to kick off the 2nd year of the Erasmus+ project.

ZERO stands for “Zero Emission Rides Objectives” and is aiming to develop innovative practices of grassroot snowboarding to increase accessibility and participation of young people in sport activities while empowering them in the fight against climate change towards “zero emission rides”.

The time was well spent with updates on the past year including the “Report on Sustainability” or the “Collection of Best Practices”.  The German Sport University Cologne delivered their analysis of the sustainability survey which was answered by kids all over Europe to find out how much awareness they have for all topics related to the environment and what actions they take in their day-to-day life. POW Europe presented an overview of the workshop for kids held across Europe in collaboration with the respective project partners. The learnings from year 1 will now be integrated to make the workshop experience in year 2 even better for all participants.

One day was spent hiking above Innsbruck for a creative brainstorming session for the upcoming deliverables including a downloadable board game which is planned for the upcoming winter season.

Follow the WSF channels for regular updates on the status quo and find out more about ZERO here.