Youth Charter calls for #LEGACYOPPORTUNITY4ALL on its 28th anniversary

The Youth Charter

March 25, 2021

Today not only marks a year since the first national lock down, but also the 28th Anniversary of the Youth Charter.
After three decades of hard work, this International Charity and United Nations NGO maintains the same drive and focus that the organisation had when it was launched 28 years ago. But, as Founder & Chair of the Youth Charter, Geoff Thompson points out, “although we note 28 years of our work, a unified and coordinated Action Plan is as vital as ever. We must continue to address the youth disaffection and disadvantage that still provokes gang-related violence and loss of life on the nation’s streets and communities to provide a #LegacyOpportunity4All”
A year ago, the Youth Charter was building on its 2019 ‘Call2Action’, aiming to:

  • Engage young people through sport, art, cultural and digital activities
  • Equip them with mental, physical and emotional life-skills and resilience
  • Empower them with the aspiration of further and higher education, employment and entrepreneurship.

Although plans had to be put on hold during the pandemic, the objectives of the Youth Charter were accentuated by the tragic death of George Floyd and the subsequent Black Lives Matter movement.
During the enforced lockdown, the Youth Charter used the time to restructure and reposition itself to meet the challenges still being faced in its campaign for a truly collaborative UK-wide effort.
One of the most important elements of the Youth Charter’s renewed Action Plan is to support the organisation’s 10,000 Social Coaches to rebuild trust and reengage with young people and communities from some of Britain’s most marginalised and disadvantaged areas.
Geoff Thompson also emphasised that his new role as Deputy Chair of Birmingham 2022, the upcoming Commonwealth Games, also provides extra impetus: “Last week’s launch of Birmingham 2022’s Legacy Plan is an ideal platform to take forward our proposals and provide a visible and intergenerational cultural engagement Action Plan. The 2022 Games will reflect the Commonwealth’s heritage in our communities, cities and regions; the all-encompassing Action Plan will deliver a truly equitable, diverse and inclusive #LegacyOpportunity4All”

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